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Project Description

devMobile.NET Library provides a set of Controls specifically designed for Windows Phone 7.5 platform. This library is a result of a common requirement controls I have been needing for my WP7 apps.

It is in Alpha phase although some of the controls are already running in real WP7 apps. The list of controls are:

  • Simple and basic PieChartControl and ColumnChartControl
  • SignalAccuracyControl and SignalAccuraryRoundControl
  • CloudItemContainer Control.

Besides of those controls, it also provides some extensions classes like:

  • Extension class for randoms Colors.
  • Extension class over GeoCoordinate class for calculating the distance between two coordinates using Haversine formula.
  • Basic math extension class mainly used by Haversine formula.

The content you are currently viewing is under construction. I will try to offer this library via Nuget and provide a wide variety of samples and documentation. So far, you may download the latest code I will be uploading frequently.


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